Thursday, July 20, 2006

hot, hot, hot

For anyone reading this blog who is NOT under the dome of heat, its a little warm hear. That is, if you consider 105+ degree heat for the past week to be a little warm. The humidity rockets that temp to over 110 degrees almost every day. Forcast says it should cool off...oh how I long for the days of 95 degree bliss. The only thing we have done is shop, craft, and swim. The trampoline and swingset only see use before 9am. We are lucky to have such gracious friends in the Jacksons. Rosie is Abby's best friend and Parker (yes another Parker) is only a few months older than our own Parker David. Laurie entertained my brood for the past few days...thanks friend! Sorry, no pics of me in a swimsuit...the benefits of being the photographer! Here are a few ideas we have used in the past few days:

1. Swim (obviously)
2. Teach myself how to sew...going ok, but a little sloppy still
3. Get that pesky school shopping done
4. Discover the joys of playing on backyard toys at 10pm
5. Driveway cocktails with the neighbors
6. Take a nap...ok, maybe not, but its a great idea if you don't have three kids
7. Freeze watermelon and cold treat
8. Think cool, icy, chilly thoughts...I've only had limited success with this one...too hot!

Stay safe and cool evryone!


mary said...

You are fortunate to have a friend who shares her swimming pool. Altho it is very hot those kids look mighty cool!!!

missydeb said...

Hi, from Australia...We are having a very cold winter here, but no rain. We don't get snow here (where I live near Melbourne, Victoria), unless you live in the mountain areas. The pool looks so inviting though... Have fun and keep cool,
Deb (from Oz)