Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I can't tell you how many times over the years my parent pulled out the old slide projector and screen. When we were kids or even teens it was kinda fun to look back at our baby pictures and the adventures we had in Alaska and Washington and Western Kansas and even the farm in Iowa. Over Christmas this year we pulled out the slides again for the first time in years. So much had changed since the last time we watched these slides. We were all married now and Ben and I have kids. Suddenly, we were the age of our parents in these pictures. Nostalgia and a unique form of gratefulness washed over me. My parents raised us without help from in-laws and parents. They raised far from everything they knew. We grew up knowing how to depend on each other...and never once doubted how much we were loved. These were some of my favorite pictures from those slies (thanks for digitalizing them Dad). The pic of me and Dad "clowning" around was taken in Goodland, Kansas in the early 80s. The pic of me and Ben would have been in Washington or Alaska(?). I love the pictures of me and my parents when I was a baby. They seemed so young and ready for whatever the world could throw at them. I don't remember not having siblings. These pictures were of a time when my folks were embarking on all things new. Their family, dad's ministry, and great new challenges. Thanks for doing sucha good job Mom and Dad. Its been a great ride!


ke said...

i love slides! these are great pictures. i think there are even more boxes of slides packed away. we'll have to meet in wichita & watch the rest!

mary fulton said...

Great blog on the slides! I loved the narrative. There are more slides which Dad is transferring to disc so stay tuned. The picture of you and Ben is at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. Before you know it your kids will be doing the same thing you are and their memories will be etched on their lives forever.