Saturday, August 20, 2005

The storms sure were brewing yesterday. We got more than 4 inches of rain in Topeka last night. This picture was taken on our way back from Lawrence. The shelf cloud was only about 150 feet off the ground. I don't get freaked by much when it comes to Kansas weather, but driving under that did it. This picture was taken at about 5 in the afternoon by the way. A little dark. Our main roadways were flooded on the way home from getting the girls. Wanamaker, a major stretch in Topeka, was flooded and without the benefit of streetlights. The power, strength and majesty of Christ is evident in these storms. I love living in Kansas! Hope you all have a little more uneventful weather this weekend.

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kerry said...

that is a cool picture. i love thunderstorms! glad you made it through ok.