Sunday, August 28, 2005

My sister tagged me to list 5 idiosyncrasies. That was about a week ago. It took a lot more thought than I was ready for. I think we tend to push our idiosyncrasies under the rug and its about time to embrace them. Here goes nothing!

1. I bounce when I sing or talk in public. Whenever I sing at church, read the lessons, or have to talk at my MOPS group, I bounce and rock back and forth. I also rest my right foot on the back of my left ankle. I thought I was weird until I noticed my dad doing the same thing one Sunday. Of all the things to inherit!

2. I give Parker a bath just to smell his head. Whether he needs a bathor not...he usually does however. There is nothing like the smell of baby shampoo on a young child's head. Plus the other alternative is cold sweat, which I don't enjoy nearly as much.

3. I am ridiculously punctual. Ask anyone who has to go somewhere with me. If I am late I go into panic attacks. If I'm not there 10 minutes early, I'm late.

4. I won't start a cleaning project unless I know I can finish it. This doesn't go for basic housekeeping, but on big projects I won't touch it until I know I can finish it. Unfortunately, that means I have storage areas that go untouched for a VERY long time!

5. I buy crayons compulsively. This has come on more since I have had children. I buy crayons every time they go on sale. I buy 10 boxes every time they go on sale. 10 boxes at 99 cents are better than one box at $3.99, right? I have about 25 boxes of crayons right now...unopened. Anyone need a red crayon?

There it is. My dad is new at this blogging thing, but I suppose I should tag him to do it next.

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kerry said...

these are great heid. you do love to be soooo early.