Sunday, July 27, 2008

belly dancing is awesome

And so is this gal!  Me and my gals, along with a few friends had the absolute pleasure of seeing her dance on Saturday night.  And let me tell you, she is really really good!!  Lori, I am totally in awe!  She said after the show that belly dancing is what ballerinas do when they get old (did I say that right lori?).  I don't know about that, but this old ballerina is ready to GO!  However the world may not be ready to see anything that has to do with this post-three-kids-and-a-few-too-many-donuts belly I got going on.  I'm afraid it may keep dancing when the rest of me has stopped.  If you live in the Lawrence KC ish area and missed this you really did miss something great.  

Speaking of something guys are awesome.  Thanks for all of the love about my new business.  I have been a bit of a nervous nellie and you really did perk me up.  Any area folk heading over to the Anthropologie shin dig Wednesday?  


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for coming out, sweetie. It was so great to have you there. And like I said, belly dance is great for women of all shapes and sizes - it is BELLY dance after all. That makes a belly a bit of a requirement. At least that's how I chose to see it. :) See you Wednesday!

Alice said...

It sounds like a wonderful performance and an inspiration. I really admire people who can dance in front of others whether it is ballet or modern or belly dancing.

Lara said...

Yes, what a fun time. I totally want to beely dance and don't know where to get classes in this area. It looks like it takes a lot of coordination to make the belly dance. Good job, Lori

Ragged Roses said...

I've always wanted to have a go at belly dancing, it looks like so much fun!

African Kelli said...

What a good friend you are to go and take such lovely photos!

Leigh Ann said...

Lori looks amazing. Too bad I missed it.

I'm so proud of you making the jump to professional. It will be great! I know it.

LA xo