Monday, May 19, 2008


Over the past 5 days our lives have been a veritable whirlwind.  Lets start with the beginning of last week.  My dear dear husband suggested making a few lap quilts for my mother in law and her soon to be husband for their wedding...the wedding was yesterday.  Oh and he mentioned that a baby quilt would make a nice gift for his best friend from school who had a baby last week.  So three quilts in 4 days.  A trip to sarah's (my favorite fabric shop), some new Amy Butler, and a bit of Heather Ross later and we had finished quilts.  Totally a record for me.  

The rest of the weekend went something like this:
1. pick up sis and babe in KC
2. drive to Wichita (3 hours with 4 kids)
3. rehearsal and dinner for sunday's wedding (on thursday)
4. chalk and bubbles and whiffle ball oh my!!
5. sleep
6. garage sales
7. playing with babes
8. build a bear
9. lunch with my dad's twin brother
10. more babies and toddlers
11. a kansas bbq
12. beer and wine and laughing and stories
13. sleep
14. a walk with some boys in the family
15. a stop at the farmer's market (that's my kind of walk)
16. pinning on ceremony of my father (he is a colonel in the Air Force now)
17. bbq with the hubby's family 
18. decorating the church (couldn't start until after 8 since the groom is 7th day Adventist)
19. putting together flowers for the wedding party (this wasn't over until well after midnight)
20. sleep
21. clean the babes (they were about over this trip by now)
22. breakfast with uncle
23.  church with my dad
24. WEDDING (this wedding actually deserves a whole other post)
25. peeling Parker off of the floor in the middle of the reception - just fell asleep in the middle of everything and wasn't going to wake up for ANYTHING.
27. sleep

The sleep parts are a bit tongue in cheek.  I don't sleep well in hotels and the nights were long and the mornings were early.  I suppose I am off to start my laundry now and sort the pic from the wedding for the mother in law.  Sighhhhhhhhhh.  I need a nap.


Mary said...

Just reading that wears me out!

giddygoat said...

Yeah, what she said!

beki said...

Oh my, that sounds exhausting, but fun!

nikko said...

Our weekend was crazy busy, too. It sounds like you need a break this week! Good job on the quilts.

Can't wait to hear more about the wedding.

amandajean said...

3 quilts in 4 days? oh, my! hope you can catch up on your sleep after that busy weekend.

house on hill road said...

go heidi go!
i'm tired just reading this!

Mirre said...

Wow, I'm impressed!
Go get some sleep now!!

AM~Erica said...

This is why we are SOOOOO alike, cuz. HA!

I'm glad you attempted to plan time to sleep in all of that. My hubby doesn't sleep well @ hotels, or other places either. He preferrs to be a homebody in his own bed.

Get some rest, need deserve it...

Heather said...

ah, I remember Sarah's!! I have a few vintage patterns that I bought there at one of the annual sidewalk sales!

Sounds like a busy but fun time!

laeroport said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff there, but YOU CAME TO SARAH'S AND DIDN'T CALL ME? Oh, you are so in trouble. :)

Erin said...

I'm exhausted just reading your list! Hope you have recuperated!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

OMGosh---I'm tired just reading about all that! lol You deserve a rest my friend!
Smiles, Karen

kirsten said...

seriously, you're making me feel tired.... and lazy.