Friday, February 24, 2006

New Look

Sorry about all the different looks lately. Just trying to find the best way to present my blog. I like this one. The black just wasn't me. Here's my newest dilemma. We bought this painting in Lawrence Yesterday. I lOVE it, but we have a few issues. I think it may be too big for the space. The wall is fine, but the focus of the room is all srewed up when the tv is on. Plus Will thinks it makes his tv look small. We designed the room to focus on the fireplace. I like the piece, but it may be too busy. I need help. Any comments? I feel about as decisive as Kerry these days. sigh.


mary fulton said...

I LOVE the picture. But it may be too much for that room. Especially if you want the focus on the fireplace. But I am not the world's best judge of art------

ke said...

i wish i could see it in person, then i could be a better help. i think it looks great in the picture. and so springy!

ke said...

oh- and i love the new layout of the blog. i agree it is more your style!

traveller one said...

I think that the picture is too big over that particular chair. It unsettles me because it is bigger than the chair and art looks better with something bigger beneath it for visual support. Try placing a sidetable beside the chair and put something tall on it. And dare I say- ignore your husbands idea about the tv being the focal point--lol-- the picture is gorgeous and I'd much rather look at it than tv!