Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Brother Ben

I have been thinking alot about my brother Ben lately. He is in training in Alabama right now. His poor wife misses him something awful. Growing up, Ben and I couldn't have been more different. We were so close in age (17 months) but eons apart in personalities. To this day, no one can push my buttons and get me instantly furious the way Ben did when we were kids. We fought and argued and cussed and even got physical at times. I swore I would NEVER like him. Now that a few years have passed, I can truly say that I DO like him. The things that drove me crazy when we were kids (his outgoing personality, his humor, his charm) are the things that make me adore him now. I couldn't be prouder of my baby brother if I tried. He has turned into an amazing man who cares for his wife and son, loves his parents, makes all of us laugh, and lives his life in such a Godly way. When God made Ben, He truly broke the mold. Hopefully a little cyber gushing will make up for the time I tried to throw him out of my car in high school...while it was moving.

PS - nice legs Ben! The goose picture was when Ben was about 2 - one of my favorites!

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