Sunday, September 11, 2005

Talk about a busy week! The first part of the week was dedicated to the evacuees we thought were coming to Kansas. Come to find out, we were not getting any of our neighbors to the south. The compassion and dedication I saw in Topeka this week was stunning. It is amazing to see a community come together like that. The Red Cross is truly an amazing agency that I was honored to work with this week. Another upbeat part of the week was attending a meeting for the religious community of Topeka. More than 200 people were there...Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics, and the Jewish community. What an amazing site. Dad spoke at the meeting, and boy was I proud of him! He was terrific!
Will and I attended the 50th Anneversary Party for Liz and Junior Utech on Saturday night. What an amazing couple. 50 years is a real monument to their commitment and love. We also got the priviledge of spending time with Mike and Alejandro (I know I didn't spell that right) from Seattle! What a special and fun weekend we had. Spending time with friends and family is my favorite kind of weekend.

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kerry said...

when i first looked at the picture of liz & junior i thought, who is that crazy kid with her arms in the air? then i saw it was abby! she is so funny! it sounds like you had a great weekend! liz & junior really are amazing! glad you were able to celebrate with them.