Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I decided this week my project would be scanning pictures of the kids as babies into .jpg files. It's taking a little longer than I thought. I have most of Abby's first year done. It just serves to remind me how grown up she is. She will be 9 in Jnauary. Where did the time go? It is amazing what changes we have gone through in the past nine years. Our family has expanded, my siblings have married and startd families of their own, and I have gotten to know these special people God has given to me as children. There is nothing like knowing someone since the very instant they entered the world. What amazing people they are (little people)! My goal is to get all three kids, our wedding, and pictures of Will and I as children in digital form. Ambitious goal...may take awhile. I like the idea of being able to access my family history from a CD. It somehow seems safer to me. Hope you all enjoy the blast from the past!


ke said...

it really doesn't seem that long ago that abby was just a baby! i forget what crazy hair she had. in that first picture i think she looks a bit like david, but maybe that is because they are both babies! i love the picture of abby & grandpa sitting on the kitchen floor. it seemed like those days would last forever. keep posting the pictures you find!

Mary Fulton said...

I agree with Kerry. How did those days go by soooo fast. I also think that first picture looks very much like David. She has grown way too fast. Pictures do take us back tho for a trip down memory lane.