Sunday, May 17, 2009

only posting in months that begin with m...

So my summer resolution ( I am believing that we should have 6 month resolutions now) is to get back to blogging on a regular basis. Fingers crossed. The end of the year brings with it so very many things. All of the normal dance and church and school things. Plus now I am shooting graduations and senior pics and weddings. WHAT was I thinking? Being a mom was more than full time! But then I get to take pics of this little guy. 8 years old. Going to Interlochen. And my heart melts. And the sweet babes I had the privilege to photograph this week. I mean they just kill me!

I have a feeling that if I commit to blog regularly and read my favs more frequently I will retap into creativity I have lost over the past few months. I have a sewing machine somewhere. Oh yeah, and kids at home starting next week!

Here's to Springtime resolutions!



Interlochen is located in what maybe my favorite part of the country. How exciting! The nice thing about blogging is that the community is always glad to have you back, no reprisals. Have fun!

AM~Erica said...

Welcome back (momentarily), cuz!

I'm trying to get better @ blogging more, too. The pix are awesome, sweetie!
Hang in there!