Thursday, October 16, 2008

that time

I have been watching all of you venture out (yes I have been reading even if I don't comment or write) to get your fall pumpkins and gourds and such.  But first it was too hot here.  You can't get pumpkins in the heat.  Right?  Then the heavens opened up to rain for DAYS!!!  But all of the stars lined up yesterday (including my hubby being home).  The wind had a chill and a bite.  Jackets were needed.  The sky was a crisp and clear blue without haze in sight.  Ahhhh.  Perfect pumpkin weather.

We have brought the kids to the same pumpkin patch for the past 11 years.  When my first was just a babe we came here.  Parker was only a few weeks old on his first trip.  The is history here and a sense of the changing seasons of our lives.

Only in the past few years would they attempt this jump.  You see, my gals really are pretty wimpy.  Parker, not so much.  Note Morgan plugging her nose like she does when she jumps off of the diving board!

And a ballerina jump from Abby.  Anyone surprised?

Hope you all are enjoying these first real days of autumn!


Lara said...

Yeah, I love pumpkin hunting- it has to be about as close to Christmas tree hunting fun as you can get. I'm glad you all could make it. Love the boy jump, swim jump, and ballerina jump- too cute. Will I see some carved pumpkins when I come over next time?

Erin said...

The pumpkin patch is a yearly tradition in our house too. Haven't been yet. Lovely pictures...especially the ballerina jump!

Jenn Maruska said...

What fun! I love this time of year.
: )