Tuesday, March 27, 2007

on a rainy day

Thanks for all the family love the past few days guys! I really am truly blessed! I have been "complaining" the past few days because the weather has been so awesome! I haven't gotten a single craft project done! That all changed yesterday. We are in for some serious spring showers the next few days. I finished my counter runner, and I think it turned out rather well! Can you tell I love the apples and I always have a thing for green!

The rain has really brought the life back into our little piece of Topeka. My beloved clematis, through the tangled vines of last fall, is coming back to life. Their bright purple blooms will take over that whole wall soon! And the raindrops on my roses! How much more hope do you need!

Friday, March 23, 2007

spring break

You are going to have to bear with me here, this is a seriously picture heavy post! My kiddos, just like millions of others, were out of school this week for spring break. We really had nothing planned. Will had to work nights and I thought I would just hang out with the brood for a few days. A bit boring perhaps, but not a bad plan all in all. Then we got a call from my sis wondering if they could stay a night. Of course!!!! Kerry and Clark and the Charlie babe! Heck ya! This of course meant a bit of extra cleaning on Monday (a chore I do actually enjoy). While vacuuming the living room I got a buzz from my brother, "can we come stay a few nights this week"? Unfortunately the Hotel Wise was at max occupancy already. It was a bit of a business trip, so he was able to write off the hotel (that had a huge water slide and pool by the way). So in comes Ben, Janielle, and little man David. My mother came up this week as well! Oh my! What a houseful, but what a joy! A boring week turned into anything but. Thanks for coming to see us guys. You are awesome!!! (Did I mention that Will's family may be coming this weekend as well?)

What? You want me to sit still for a picture?

I don't think so!

Aunt Kerry and Miss Morgan

Uncle Ben and the Charlie Man. Did I mention this 8 week old ball of cuddles weighs 14.5 pounds now?! And the cheeks? Soooo kissable!

Cousin Love!

Monday, March 19, 2007

seeing green

I know St. Patty's was a few days ago, but give me a break! It's Spring Break and all of the kiddos are home. And its beautiful outside! And the Jayhawks won their first two rounds! Does life get any better?! Wait... both of my awesome baby nephews will be in town tomorrow! Yes, perhaps it does get even better. Spring brings out the optimist in me. March is one of my favorite months of the year. Partially because of spring and renewal and all that jazz, but mostly because of basketball. A good friend of mine has a teenage son who decided last year that, "March Madness may be even better than Christmas"! I tell you what, he may be right! Crazy people in this part of the country, crazy people!
And to accompany my optimistic mood...a new bag of course! You may be able to tell by now that you can judge my mood by what I make. Headbands...clearing my eyes and mind. Baby blankets...wishing for more babies. Bags...always a great mood! Hope you all are having a great beginning of spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

love from nz

This is one reason I absolutely love blogging. I have met some of the cooooooolest folks that I may have never crossed paths with any other way. I got an international package from Melissa at Tiny Happy today! How cool is that? Totally cool vintage patterns (seriously Melissa, how did you part with these) and sweet baby booties for my wee nephew Charlie. So much goodness in one package! I really do appreciate the relationships I have made with you all this way. Reading about your lives in California, and New Zealand, and Louisiana, and all sorts of other places. Finding that we are not all that different. We have the same funny stories, painful experiences, and honest moments. Thanks for letting me into your lives and for participating in mine. It really does make a difference.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

st. david's day

Those of you that read this blog on a regular basis know about how our beloved church was burned by an arsonist in November. So very much has changed since then, but its fun to celebrate those things that remain the same. This weekend we celebrated St. David's Day. Normally we pull out all of the bells and smells and have a neat service and dinner. We did the same thing this year, but a bit differently. Instead of holding our service in a glorious nave we celebrated in the shelter house at a local park. Instead of an elegant sit down dinner we had a BBQ potluck. Koolaid instead of wine. Paper plates...no china. But I have to say it was one of the most touching and moving services I have ever attended. Mostly, because we were celebrating in our community. A friend of mine said that when the church burned down we "lost a building and found a church". I couldn't agree more. We had crosses for the first time in months (worshipping in a Jewish temple has halted that practice out of respect). Streamers and torches. Its just stuff...but its our stuff. I was looking around and saw laughing and smiling with reckless abandon, bag pipes screaming their songs (we are a Welsh heritage congregation), and historical civil war re-enactments (don't ask, I have no idea how that fits into an episcopal celebration of heritage, but it was fun). We were all still together. The building came down this week. And we were still together. Smiling. Eating. Singing. Worshipping. Eating. Laughing. Praying. Eating. Celebrating. Being. Together.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I have been fussing with zippers for what seems like forever. I have never been able to get them quite the way they should be. That is until this week. I sat down with a mission and finally figured it out. This tutorial saved me! Made it soooo easy! Now I just wanna put a zipper in about everything! Who knew?! Zippers have scared the pee out of me for a long time. I suppose there is some sort of metaphor in this to do with facing your fears and silly anxiety. Oh well, you guys can figure that part out!

Please, pay no attention to the fingernails in these pictures. I am in such need of a manicure it is hideous! When it comes to taking time for myself, I tend to lack a bit. So laugh at my nails if you want, but have a great Thursday!

Monday, March 05, 2007

pulling back

March is a pivotal month I think. Not quite winter, yet not quite spring yet either. Our lives over here have been full of drama, carpools, ballet lessons, and church. Not to mention a few other things. Its easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Trying to do everything just right. Sometimes there just isn't enough of me to go around. And there goes my March pity party. I finally got the kiddos to bed tonight and I realized something. They were able to drop their baggage from the day, kiss me goodnight, and ease off into dreamy bliss. So perfect and peaceful. I wandered downstairs and sat at my machine with three different projects that needed to be tweaked or finished or fixed. I pushed them all aside and started something new. Headbands. Why headbands you ask? To pull this fog away from my eyes and help me to see what is really important. Its not the deadlines and time lines. Its the kisses from a small boy and the nuzzles from a big girl who still wants to be my baby. Its the smile on the face of a redhead and the wink from my husband across the room. Sorry if the pictures are dark (as often they are when sewing a 10pm), I hope the result helps me to remember where my focus really is.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


As much as I love the rich reds and browns of autumn and winter, I think I'm done for now. Maybe its wishful thinking or good planning, but my color palette has changed. I'm ready for the blues and pinks and greens! And the yellows...can't wait to find some yellows I can sink my sewing machine into! The one warm day we had last week really sent me spinning. Now I can't wait until we can sit on the porch with the neighbors, watch the kids running through the sprinklers, and just absorb that wonderfully warm sun! Can't wait for the reappearance of my flowers as well!

Birds and buttons...just can't find a better match! All you Midwesterners...spring really HAS to be around the corner! You NZ gals...serious envy of you being in the middle of summer! My few friends from the Great White North...my condolences on the enormity of snow. I know...I'm a whiner!