Friday, October 07, 2005

Parker is 3 now! He is being a pirate in this picture if you couln't tell! We have been very busy lately. Abby and Morgan received their cast lists for Nutcracker last week. Abby will be a Polichenette (a little girl who emerges from the skirt of a giant mother) and Morgan will be a Cherub (angel who acompanies Clara to her dream world). Practices are every sat. this month and go to 2 days a week in November and every day after Thanksgiving. Morgan is also involved in Mother Goose with the Kansas Symphony. They will be performing at Washburn on November 1 and at Emporia State at the end of the month. She has rehearsals for that as well. They are dancing fools this time of year. Just in case we weren't busy enough, we are listing our house for sale this week. Its just time for us to find something with a little more space. We'll keep you all updated as we go!

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