Thursday, September 20, 2007

east coast organ tour

I will warn you right now. this is a very heavy photo post. But I have had the most amazing past four days. I was priviledged enough to travel with a group from my church to visit various organs and organ builders on the eastern seaboard. The amount I learned in just a few days was amazing. Most of you remember this post in November of last year. As we look to rebuild our precious friend, it was time to start picking hte builder of her new organ.

We were greeted with tremendous hospitality by family in Virginia. Remember how much I love Kansas? Oh my. Virginia is more than my poor heart can handle. We stayed in the country at a home built pre civil war. Mountains. Antiques. Deer in the yard. Yup. In the back yard as I went for a walk.

The view from my room.

I never realized the craftsmanship that has to go into an organ. I've always appreciated their sound and link it to so many events in my life. Growing up in my dad's church. My wedding. My children's baptisms. Every Sunday. It is a part of my fiber. But the detail I never appreciated.
The pipes are all hand pounded and the very fraction of an inch can change the sound dramatically.

Richards and Fowkes at Westminster Presbyterian in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Morning in Staunton, Virginia.

Pipe forms.

Every key is pulled by mechanisms inside the box of an organ. And did I mention that most of these builders use no screws in the entire organ? Not one.

Taylor and Boody organ in Staunton, Virginia.

Unfinished organ at Taylor and Boody in Staunton, Virginia.

Hand Tools.

Martin Pasi organ in Solesbury, Pennsylvania.
I promise there will be hand made goodness coming in the near future. A few things are under wraps, and a ton of things are just not quite done!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

kansas love

Have I ever told you all how much I love living in Kansas? I really have travelled or lived nearly everywhere in the United States. But there really is nowhere like Kansas. The people are amazing. Kind and generous. The whole state moves at a different pace. I was reminded of that this week when we headed to Hutchinson, Kansas to the Kansas State Fair. I know everyone has a State Fair. But I mean really, do you think anyone could do better than Kansas? The pictures above are the antique quilts on display. An entire hall of antique quilts. Need I say more? And the embroidery on that pillow is unbelievable. The girl who did this...11 years old. I kid you not.

And the food. Oh the food. We stopped in a small Amish community to have breakfast on the way into Hutch. Miss Mo ordered a cinnamon roll. It was bigger than her head. I think her brother's eyes popped out of his head. So good. It melted in my, I mean her, mouth. And of course we had to stop for some Call Hall ice cream. Fresh. Made. Ice. Cream. The blueberries in mine weren't even frozen. I have no idea how they do that. And did we eat only sugar you ask? We could have...yes we could have. But we still had some down home cooking to taste and Parker wanted to bring home that pumpkin. It weighed more than everyone in our family combined.

Did I mention that we saw the Governor of Kansas while we were there? She and my mama go way back. So cool. The folks were chattin it up like they were on the front porch of their house in the old neighborhood.
All in all is was a fabulous day. Yes it was Thursday. Yes we took the kids out of school. Yes it was educational (we did see a sculpture made out of 800 lbs of butter). Yes all three kids fell asleep as soon as we hit the car. I love it!

Sunday, September 09, 2007


I got talked into henna art this weekend by my cute little red headed eight year old! I am ever so glad she was persuasive. Our lives have been going a thousand miles an hour lately. School starting. Dance lessons starting. All aspects of our lives are hitting on every cylinder these days. That was why we jumped at the chance to wander over to Kansas City and attend the Renaissance Festival. I highly recommend it to all of you KC gals. And this gal is even performing next weekend! Belly dancing no less. It was nice to wander aimlessly and enjoy a beautiful day among the trees and princesses and fairies. And how I love that tiny little henna printed hand up there. She is my artist. My sewer. My light. She takes all things at a different pace, much unlike mine. She sees in between what the rest of us see. She sees the butterfly in the middle of a busy playground. She hears the music from a church during a school picnic. She feels when her mama needs a break and a kiss. Thanks for the inspiration, my crimson haired child.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

could be...

the sweetest babe I know. This - is my nephew Charlie. Say hello Charlie! I wanted to brush up on some black and white photos and Mr. Charles was oh so happy to accommodate me. His eyes, really are that dark. And he really is that cute in person! I usually see him about once a week (not quite often enough but it is an hour drive). And, oh yeah, I get to see my younger sister in the process. I feel ever so blessed to have a sister so close. She is awesome and sweet and compassionate and a great mama and CRAFTY!!!

He really is a serious babe. He investigates EVERYTHING!!! Especially his cousin Parker. He didn't even want to see that boy leave the room! He has the best fine motor skills I have ever seen on a guy so little! Play with the toy? Nah. The tag is way more fun!

Sweet, sweet Charlie boy. I hope you never lose those innocent brown eyes. However, judging by today, crawling is in your very near future. God help your mama!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

who is excited?

Can I tell you how excited I am about this? I really liked the different style of Amy Butler and her unique take on color and style when I first stumbled on this fabric goddess. But when I really started sewing with her fabric I was sold. It just glides through the machine. And every yard is a piece of art. Amy signifies to me the resurgence of sewing and crafting in this day. Her style is simple and elegant. Refined and relaxed. Amy Butler is definitely my favorite. Followed closely by Heather Ross and her fun and whimsical prints. So who are your favorites? Those of you who are not fabric connoisseurs, what have you seen here lately that you like?